Frequently Asked Questions

What is e-Cut? e-Cut is an on-demand grooming service empowering people everywhere to book barbers and beauty professionals for appointments right in your very own home, or the residence/salon of your desired hair care professional.
e-Cut connects you with top barbers in your area to provide premium haircut wherever you need it, and whenever you need it.
What Services Does e-Cut Provide? e-Cut currently offers Mobile barber and haircare-related services for people of all ages, both men and women. Each professional sets and prices their own services and skills, so pick the one most suitable for you!
Who Are the e-Cut Professionals? e-Cut professionals are self-employed hair-care specialists that use e-Cut to provide their services as a part-time/full-time job.
You may also find several UK Barbershops and salons offering their services on e-Cut.
How do I Prepare for an e-Cut Appointment? If you booked an appointment with "delivery" to your address, simply grab a chair, kick back and relax! All we ask is that you position your chair in an area where the Pro will have easy access to an outlet and a table to place their work equipment.
If you booked and chose to go to the Pro's address for your appointment, simply follow the directions to their address, and they will take care of the rest!
Is e-Cut Safe? Yes! We interview, assure and vet every e-Cut Pro with an extensive background check upon accepting on their application to the system.
How Long Will the Appointment Take? Depending on how many services you've request, the duration of your appointment will vary.
You can see the length of the service as you book on the e-Cut app for your smartphone or mobile device.
What are an e-Cut Pro's Hours of Service? e-Cut's Pros are available at any time! Simply select the time and date most suitable for you during the booking process. If the Pro you have selected is not available during your desired date or time, their schedule will not be available for booking.
What is e-Cut's Cancellation Policy? You can cancel your appointment at any time on the "Details Screen" in-app after you have placed an order. If you can cancel your booking request less than 4 hours before the scheduled booking time you will be fully charged. If you cancel the booking more than 4 hours but less than 24 hours before the scheduled booking time, you will be charged 50% the total cost of the booking. If your cancellation is received by our Services more than 24 hours before booking time, you will not be charged.
I Had a Problem with My Service. Who Do I Contact? If you are unhappy with the service you received from your Pro, feel free to contact our Customer Experience team by email at with a full description of the issue. Please submit this information within the first 48 hours after the booking took place. We make an effort to answer all requests within minutes. After the information is examined, and further action needs to be taken, we will do what it takes to fix the issue.
I don't have an iPhone. Can I use e-Cut on My Android phone?
e-Cut is only available for iPhone at this time, and we are working on the Android and Web version of the app. Soon, everyone will be able to use e-Cut.
I am a Professional Interested in Joining e-Cut. How Do I Apply?
Easy! Simply download the app, click on, "BE A PROFESSIONAL" and register your profile in full. Upload your photo profile (Business Logo if you apply as a hair Salon) and make sure you write as much about you as possible in the biography section. Also be sure to add some photos of your recent works, it's not mandatory but helps customers better understand your style.
After the application has been sent out, our team will review it and start a security background check on your profile. We will then notify you about the acceptance of your registration accordingly.
Please note that we will not judge your level of skills. Customers will leave reviews on your profile, so make sure to leave them with a big smile!